Gucci Mane's Producer, Produces For Jeezy Too


Peep this:

Zaytoven Beats just landed Jeezy's new single "Trap or Die 2." You probably already know that Zaytoven is Gucci's producer, and along with "Bricks," Zay is also responsible for the song that started the Gucci/Jeezy beef - "So Icey." Anyway, everyone on the net is wondering why would Zay work with Jeezy if he also works with Gucci.

This is what Zaytoven said on his twitter page (

"I just like to make music. I don't get involved in all that other stuff."

Regarding the effects beef has on business, Zay stated in an interview with Mandatory Business Magazine:

"The beef affected me when 'So Icey' came out. It was a big song, and I felt like it was my breakout song, but didn't nobody like Gucci Mane so nobody really liked me. Nobody wanted beats from me. People are passed that now. Everybody knows me. I feel like I can work with anybody, and I'm working with everybody. So even if they don't like each other, they still gotta like me."

Shout out to Ms. Rivercity. Illseed’s new boo for the info and video.


AllHipHop Staff
AllHipHop Staff