Gucci Mane Speaks On Murder Charge, Says He Was Defending His Life

A Dekalb County, Georgia

judge set a $100,000 bond for rapper Radric “Gucci Mane” Davis, who

is accused of murdering a man during an altercation on May 10.

Davis is expected to post

the $100,000 bond and be released from a Dekalb County prison today (May 24).

Davis is accused of murdering

a man, after an altercation took place inside a home of a female acquaintance

that Davis was visiting with another friend.

According to Davis’

lawyer Dennis Scheib, five men burst into the apartment, assaulted Davis and

the unidentified friend and threatened to shoot Davis.

Davis grabbed a gun on a

nearby table and traded fire with the men. Three days later, the body of Henry

"Pookie Loc" Clark, a member of a rap group known as Loccish Lifestyle,

was found in a wooded area near Columbia Middle School.

“As much as I want

to be celebrating my album [titled Trap House] release party rather

than sitting alone in a cell that I don’t belong, I can’t feel sorry

for myself [because] a man lost his life,” Davis told in

a statement

Lawyers for Davis said that

they believed the attackers were associated with Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy.

Jeezy is a member of Boyz-N-The

Hood, the Atlanta-based rap group that is signed to Sean “P. Diddy”

Combs’ Bad Boy Entertainment. As a solo artist Jeezy is signed to Universal’s

Island Def Jam imprint.

Jeezy has denied involvement

in the shooting on local airwaves, but representatives for Big Cat Records and

Davis' attorney said the altercation may have stemmed from a dispute over who

owned the rights to the collaborative song “So Icy.”

“So Icy” features

the two rising rappers before they became locked in a verbal dispute. The two

recently traded disses and threats on the mixtape circuit.

Meanwhile, Davis’s

label has offered a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest

of the four other men that were involved in the altercation.

“As a God

fearing person, I never wanted to see anyone die,” Davis said. “I

found myself in a predicament and even though there was an attack on my life,

I truly never intended to hurt anyone, I was just trying to protect myself.”