Gudda Gudda Discusses Cash Money's Massive Roster; Says Lil Wayne Inspired Him To Rap

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) RapperGudda Gudda, who has been a part of the Cash Money/Young Money for over a decade, recently sat down with to discuss the groundbreaking label, which expanded in 2012.

The label is stocked with talent ranging from artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes and Mystikal, to Limp Bizkit and the newly signed dance act, The Stafford Brothers.

In between a recent recording session, Gudda Gudda, who recently dropped his mixtape "Guddaville 3," discussed Cash Money's roster.

"Me being one of the people who was around before all this happened just to see what its grown into, its crazy just to think back to what it started from and now to have all these people on the label people that I use to listen to when I was growing up," Gudda Gudda told "Just to be able to work with these people now, stand next to these people...that s**t is amazing to me. Just to see where we came, how far we came. To have Busta Rhymes , Mystikal...having all these people down with the camp is a good thing to me."

Gudda Gudda revealed that he never planned to become a rapper. He was content being friends with Lil Wayne and travelling around the world with the rapper.

"I met Wayne Like 15 years ago. At that point I wasn't even a rapper we were just partners," Gudda Gudda explained. "It got to the point where we started hanging together everyday and i'd go on the road with him."

Gudda was present the day Lil Wayne created his Young Money imprint, which led to his being signed to the new label.

"We were sitting down brainstorming one day, and he came up with Young Money Records. From there he started looking for artists, we found a couple from the city. As we started recording, he said 'Gudda why don't you rap?' I told him rapping wasn't my thing, but he said 'nah blood you've got to rap , you've been through alot you've got a story to tell.'"

Watch the exclusive interview with Gudda Gudda here, where he also reveals some details about Bryan "Birdman" Williams' new vodka line, Grand Touring Vodka (GTV).

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