Guerilla Black Responds To Unauthorized Big Cizzle CD

Guerilla Black has been either praised or vilified for his similarities to the late Biggie Smalls, but after a several-years old album was resurrected from his past, many further questioned the Compton rapper’s authenticity.

Under the name Big Cizzle, Black’s Ya Neva Seen It Com’n offers a very different sound reminiscent of Mystikal or DMX. The Big Cizzle CD is being released by Bungalo Records and the manufacturer states that it was crafted in 2001. The album is full of songs like “Werk Dem Hips,” “2 Wear'n No Draws,” “Tongue Rings,” and “Dime Piece” that sound very different from the present album, Guerrilla City.

Expressing his frustrations, Guerrilla Black explained the variations in his voice on Ya Neva Seen It Com’n.

“My brother had came from Down South, and I hooked up with my CEO at the time, who was trying to get a lil record label jumping off. Whenever I was rapping to him, my own blood [brother] was like you sound too much, too, too much like B.I.G.,” he told in his baritone, nasal voice.

“So what they did was...there is a machine in the studio and it makes your voice sound high pitch. Some cats…they compare it and said, ‘Oh he sounds like Mystikal or whatever,’ and some might say somebody else.”

Black admitted he’s become somewhat accustomed to comparisons to other rappers.

“People see a really big Black dude, and then I got a heavy voice, and at the end of the day all they do is just compare, but that’s just a natural thing,” he explained the feedback from critics. “’Like yeah, oh you sound like Scarface. Oh damn, he look just like E-40, damn he kinda remind me of old school C.P.O. [group affiliated with NWA]. Oh you kind of look like Chubb Rock. Even the Notorious B.I.G.”

“I guess at the end of the day, whenever you having any success haters do come into play, or whatever man,” he said.

Guerrilla Black's official release, Guerrilla City, is in stores with features by producer Jazze Pha, Nate Dogg, Beenie Man and Mario Winans.