Gully Creeper Creator “Ice” Shot Dead In Jamaica


The Dancehall fraternity suffered a severe loss early Friday morning: Just hours after most celebrated life and love on Christmas day with family and friends, dancer, Ice, was murdered.

by Kavelle "Kaboom" Christie and elephant

“Ice,” real name David Alexander Smith, was best known for his internationally acclaimed “Gully Creeper.”

The dance took the world by storm after Bad Boy’s dancehall artist, Elephant Man, released a song of the same name and Jamaican Olympic Gold medalist and world record holder, Usain Bolt showcased the dance after each track win in the recent Olympic games in China.

According to police reports, the 36-year-old dancer, of Zenna Avenue in Kingston, was shot and killed by gunmen at a bar on Newark Avenue in Kingston on Friday morning.

Police said that around 7:55 a.m., Ice was at the establishment when men armed with guns entered.

The men immediately opened fire, killing Ice on the spot.

The police who are investigating reported that the Champagne Mitsubishi Lancer which was driven by Ice was taken by his attackers.

Smith, is the second Jamaican dancing icon from the “Black Roses Crew” to be murdered in recent years: the first was Smith’s dancing mentor, Gerald “Bogle” Levy.

Levy was gunned down at a gas station in Kingston in January 2005 and his case remains unsolved.

In June of 2005, Ice was among a group of men arrested and charged with murder, arson and several counts of shooting.

Usain Bolt doing the Gully Creeper in China earlier this year.

Elephant Man’s “Gully Creeper” Video featuring “Ice”​