Gunmen Shoot Up YFN Lucci's Luxury Mercedes G-Wagon And Injure One

The rap star escaped certain death, so do the person driving his SUV.

(AllHipHop News) Another rapper from Atlanta could have been killed by gunfire over the weekend.

Gunmen targeted YFN Lucci's red Mercedes Benz G-Wagon during a drive-by shooting on Friday, which left his ride riddled with bullets.

The shooters were aiming to kill by the look of the vehicles tinted windows, which were shattered by bullets.

The driver of the Benz was hit by the gunfire, driving on a street in Atlanta.

The vehicle is registered in his mother's name, according to reports, but the identity of the victim was not released.

Cops confirmed YFN Lucci was not the victim in the shooting, which is being investigated.

Last week, Offset was present when a drive-by shooting took place during his recording session at Crossover Entertainment Group's studio.

Waka Flocka was also almost shot when gunmen decided to shoot up the Zac Recording Studio in Northwest Atlanta, where the rapper was recording.

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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Reginae shouldn't be riding around with nigga.atleast till shit cool off.

Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Reginae like my lil sister.