Gunplay Explains Being Nude On His Album Cover And Using Cocaine

The indie artist is ready to drop a new album.

(AllHipHop News) Veteran rapper Gunplay is preparing to release his ACTIVE LP on June 22. The Maybach Music Group affiliate spoke with Beats 1 Radio's Ebro Darden about his new music and other topics, including posing nude on the album cover.

"Can we remember where we came from? This is an art form, the music is an art form. I'm gonna give you the secret," said the Carol City-bred rhymer. "When you really look at it from a distance, it looks like a skull but it's really me. It's saying, 'Goddamn, somebody gonna hear this real sh-t."

During the interview, the discussion turned to Gunplay's use of cocaine. He explained his affinity for the drug and even offered Ebro $300 to do a line of coke with him.

"Everybody got their own vices. Some n-ggas like the downers, some n-ggas like the uppers. I'm a upper," admitted Gunplay. "I get in the studio, I know I got three records to write, and I know it's four hours. What do you do?"

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To everyone that does drugs your killing yourself period


Fuck drugs