Gunplay Wants His Ex-Girl's Strip Club Headbutting Lawsuit Dismissed

AllHipHop Staff

Gunplay is fighting allegations that he beat down his ex-girlfriend in a strip club parking lot.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Gunplay is denying charges of assault after he allegedly struck his ex-girlfriend in quite an unusual way.

Gunplay is accused of head-butting his ex- Aneka Johnston in the parking lot of Florida adult club The Office.

An altercation broke out between the "Love and Hip Hop: Miami" star after he arrived with his current girlfriend, Keyara on New Year's Day.

During the argument, Gunplay, born Richard Morales, Jr., allegedly headbutted Johnston, who was treated at a local hospital for bruising to her face and neck, and a scratched cornea.

Gunplay claims his ex-girlfriend was the aggressor and that he was merely defending himself.

He is asking for the case to be dismissed

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When Beyonce sister attack JZ..i remeber Gunplay saying"JZ should have swung back" he knows why JZ didn't lol