H2A, Womanhood Learning Project Celebrates Women in Hip-Hop

A celebration of the contributions of women in Hip-Hop will be the focus of a year-long campaign from the Hip-Hop Association’s (H2A) Womanhood Learning Project (WLP).

The effort will explore and acknowledge the role of women in leadership and other sectors within Hip-Hop culture and the community, as it examines negative media and power struggles that hinder the growth and awareness of women in the Hip-Hop generation.

In addition to workshops, an interactive lecture series, the WLP will use the campaign to develop an online community, conduct a case study and release a book promoting women in Hip-Hop titled Fresh, Bold, and So Def: Women in Hip-Hop Changing The Game.

Edited by Martha Diaz and Felicia Pride, the book is described as an encyclopedia of pioneering and trendsetting women that contains more 300 profiles of international artists, industry professionals and social activists who build institutions, hold high positions in corporations, and create social change through art.

Topics explored in the interactive lecture series include media, politics, gender roles, education and motherhood. Upcoming lecture series events are “Uplifting, Empowering and Educating By Any Means Necessary!,” which will be held March 26 at the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial & Education Center in New York City.

Herstory: The Power of Women Community Leaders and Entrepreneurs, takes place on March 29.

The interactive workshop looks at numerous models of female leadership among the Hip-Hop generation in community organizing.