Haiti: Does Hip-Hop Care?

Haiti: Does Hip-Hop Care?

The crisis in Haiti has captivated the global community, but has it mesmerized the Hip-Hop community in same manner?

The affluent seem sluggish in aiding Haiti - at least publicly. Is it me?

Hip-Hop's activist roots have shriveled in the last couple of decades, giving way to jewels, money, apathy and other collective vices. Nevertheless, in times of extreme need, like police brutality, Sept. 11 and Hurricane Katrina, we have witnessed the Hip-Hop heavies galvanize.

Its still early, but the upper echelon of the Hip-Hop elite seems to have opted out of the relief efforts in Haiti. Brad and Angelina gave a million of their money even though Jay-Z and Beyonce were the top grossing couple of 2009. Even the New York Yankees pledged $500,000 to help the country that seemingly has the worst "luck" with natural disasters.

And then there is Wyclef Jean, one of the most powerful and talented people in music. Being a pure-blooded Haitian clearly makes this cause his passion, but his energy isn't contagious. We haven't witness this level of sloth from Hip-Hop in quite some time.

This isn't to berate or to call people out by names, because that's not productive and we all know who the influential are. However, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't issue my own minute call to action. By now, we've all been able to witness the earthquakes' destruction and how it has killed, annihilated those that were already under the thumb of corruption, poverty and disaster.

To the moguls: we know there are projects to promote and money to be made, but slide a bit of that budget to the relief effort in Haiti. Then, continue with the art of entertaining. (If you are a weed carrier of a mogul or rapper, give them a nudge to help out...it will bode well with good Karma.) Hey, if you don't care, you don't care. If you do care, do something.

In the meantime, AllHipHop.com and other sites, activists, entities and caring people are scrambling to create Hip-Hop for Haiti. What it is exactly, we'll let you know soon, but we know we will continue to help the nation and support people like Wyclef that are more saints than rappers these days.

And through, Clef's organization Yele.org, the people have spoken by donating a collective $1 million to Haiti. I'm sure some of the rich ones can politic a 'lil more, right?

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