Haitians To Boycott Hot 97 Over Cipha Sounds Joke

(AllHipHop News) A coalition of Haitian community leaders are calling for the firing of popular morning show jock Cipha Sounds, after he made an on air joke about Haitian women and HIV. Cipha Sounds, who co-hosts the "The Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show" with Peter Rosenberg, cracked the joke on Friday (December 18th) when he stated he was HIV negative because he "don't mess with Haitian girls."Cipha, born Luis Diaz, has already apologized to any fans he offended with the off-color joke, but a coalition of Haitian community members want Hot 97 to fire the well known DJ. Today (December 21st), a group of Haitians will demonstrate outside of Hot 97 to call for Cipha Sounds' dismissal. So far, Hot 97 has yet to comment on the issue.