Hammer, Mick Boogie Discuss New Mixtape

AllHipHop Staff

Early 90s superstar Hammer is looking to bring his legacy to a new generation of fans with a retrospective mixtape entitled Hammertime.

The tape features Mick Boogie mixing new Hammer tracks with the original samples of his biggest hits, such as Rick James’ “Superfreak” and The Chi-Lites’ “Have You Seen Her.”

Instead of simply reissuing his hit tracks, Hammer will respit many of the verses from his signature songs.

“Superfreak” was the musical backbone for one of the biggest hits in Hip-Hop history, Hammer’s 1990 anthem “U Can’t Touch This.”

The original sample was recently reworked in 2006 by Just Blaze for Jay-Z’s standout “Kingdome Come” track.

Even today, Hammer credits his ability to rework past hits as the key to his success.

"The art of taking familiar grooves and branding them with your unique style and making them your own is what I take a lot of pride in,” the Oakland emcee stated to AllHipHop.com.

New school emcees coming out to support Hammer’s project include Mistah FAB, Chip ThaRipper, and 6th Sense.

When asked about Hammer’s Hip-Hop legacy, Mick Boogie framed the Oakland native as a survivor and re-inventor.

"He's outlasted his 90s pop-rap contemporaries and, as we approach 2010, reinvented himself as a shrewd businessman,” Mick explained to AllHipHop.com. “The 'proper' thing to do was make this project!"

Included in the 24-track mixtape are revealing interludes where Hammer reflects on his life, the industry, and his musical legacy.

The Hammer and Mick Boogie Hammertime mixtape is available now for download at www.thepressplayshow.com.

The tape’s full tracklisting is listed below:

1. Intro: TPPS & Hammer 2. Jackson 5: Dancin’Machine 3. MC Hammer: Dancin’Machine 4. Hammer Interlude Sugarhill Gang 5. Incredible BongoBand: Apache 6. MC Hammer: Turn ThisMutha Out 7. MC Hammer f/ MistahFAB: Turn This Mutha Out 2009 (nVMe’s Mutha-Lover Mix) 8. Hammer Interlude George Clinton 9. George Clinton:Atomic Dog 10. MC Hammer: Pumps AndA Bump 11. Hammer Interlude Rick James 12. Rick James:Superfreak 13. MC Hammer: Can’tTouch This 14. MC Hammer f/ 6^th Sense: Can’t Touch This (nVMe’sTouch Deez Mix) 15. Hammer Interlude Capitol 16. Chi-Lites: Have YouSeen Her 17. MC Hammer: Have YouSeen Her 18. Hammer Interlude Camper 19. MC Hammer: 2 Legit 2Quit 20. MC Hammer f/ Chip ThaRipper: 2 Legit 2009 (Good Life Mike’s Chest Sweat Mix) 21. Hammer Interlude Advice 22. Prince: When DovesCry 23. MC Hammer: Pray 24. The Press Play Show Outro Bonus: Stooge Playaz - Karmasutra (Hammer's new group)