Happy 49th Birthday Guru (R.I.P.)

Today (July 17th) marks the birthday of legendary Gang Starr founder Keith “Guru” Elam, who died from cancer on April 19th. The rapper, who died in a firestorm of controversy, would have turned 49-years-old today. “We honor Guru on his birthday and wish to thank the fans and supporters from around the world for the tremendous love they have shown over the years and of course in these trying times,” a “rep” for Guru’s 7 Grand Records stated. “Guru is one of the best who ever touched the mic and he is missed deeply!"Tomorrow, (July 18th) the family of Guru will honor the fallen emcee with a memorial for close friends, family members and invited guests at the University of Massachusetts - Boston campus. “The Elam family remains eternally grateful for the overwhelming expressions of care and love from fans worldwide,” a rep for the family told AllHipHop.com.