Has The Internet Helped Or Hurt Hip-Hop?

AllHipHop Staff

The internet has been around in some form or another since the 1960's, but didn't get prominent until the 90's. In the late 90's AllHipHop was founded and a number of other urban progressives delved into the uncharted digital space. While it was a movement similar to the Wild Wild West, the movement slowed down to a crawl in the early 2000's after the digital bubble burst into recession.

These days, the internet is seeing a boom that is unlikely to crash the way it once did. Businesses have found new, inventive ways to capture the internet audience. AllHipHop has stayed firm in the space, but we've seen the advent of popular blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other institutions that continually add to the internet experience.

In this year alone, we've seen a number of Hip-Hop artist effectively use the internet and other employ it quite ineffectively. Furthermore, music and album leaks have affected everybody from Kid Cudi to Jay-Z to Raekwon in varying degrees. How should the Hip-Hop and urban community use the 'Net? Has it helped or hurt the culture as a whole?

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