Havoc Says Mobb Deep Still Together


turmoil within the Mobb Deep camp has fueled rumors that the Queensbridge duo

broke up, a rumor group members say is false.


close to the crew have speculated that an incident occurred between producer

The Alchemist, Prodigy, Havoc and then-manager Littles over song instrumentals

that were allegedly sold twice, subsequently divided the group and forced a



hearing it from me, it's not true," Havoc told AllHipHop.com. The Alchemist,

who regularly produces for the group, also shot down the rumors.


Littles, who briefly managed the group, claimed there was another dimension

to the story.


addition to his managerial duties, Littles said he was also Senior Vice President

of Infamous Records, once Mobb Deep terminated their management with Chris Lighty,

owner of Violator.


started falling a part because of [Havoc and Prodigy]," Littles told AllHipHop.com.

"They get on stage, one is on one end, one is on the other [end]. They

split up the label, that's why I am gone. I can't pick sides, so I gotta step

back and do myself."


doing himself, Littles is set to release a new CD/DVD that will drop in the

first quarter of next year, that he says will feature Mobb Deep, Petey Pablo,

Raekwon and others.


Lighty flatly denied Littles' allegations and opted to side with Havoc's version

of the story.


am going off of what Havoc said and Havoc said the group is still together,"

Chris Lighty told AllHipHop.com. "You know who many times groups fight

and bicker? It's like family. If they're bickering they get through it."


thing all parties agreed on was that a song by Uno Dos in circulation on the

internet, purporting to be a verse from Havoc aimed at Mobb member Prodigy,

was also hype.


Uno Dos record has got to be at least two years old, that's how long [they 've]

been gone from the picture with Mobb Deep," Littles clarified. "Havoc's

verse is old. They might have switched their [vocals] up because they have the



must sell records, because we are doing great right now," Alchemist said.