Head Of Def Jam Issues Statement


Cohen, the head of Def Jam Records, officially confirmed

that LL Cool J will be leaving the record label. LL has been

on Def Jam since the label launched in 1986. Here is what he

had to say:

"LL Cool J

is clearly one of the most important artists of his generation.

He created a valuable brand in himself catapulting Def Jam into

the finest urban brand and proven once and for all rappers can

have sustainable careers. I deeply appreciate his tenacity and

artistic creativity. It is true that LL Cool J is coming to

the end of his contract with Def Jam, with one more album left

to deliver. It is Def Jam's intent to deliver LL's next release

to his millions of fans."

"This year,

nearly two decades after his first 12" release, LL's tenth

album, G.O.A.T marked the first time his album entered Billboard's

Hot 100 Album Chart at the number 1 position. It was a very

proud moment for rap, for Def Jam and, I am sure for LL. Def

Jam can not survive without great artists like LL and we appreciate

the love and support we enjoy from our artists of the course

of their careers."

"I wish LL

success and happiness as he continues his journey, wherever

that may be."