Health Care Reform for Dummies

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Health Care Reform for Dummies

Can someone please tell me why these people are mad?

Haven’t they watched SICKO? Well maybe their Senators should hold a town hall meeting where they watch the Michael Moore documentary about health insurance in America and let see if they continue to bitch and moan about Prez Obama’s proposed reform.

I won’t pretend to know the ins and outs of the bill that is on the table but I do know I need cheaper health care.

After being laid off in December, I opted to continue my health care coverage. If it wasn’t for Obama offering economic assistance for COBRA users I could not afford my health plan. The 65% reduction was just what I needed.

Don’t be fooled, I am a journalist but the well is drying up. My peers and I talk about how bad it is. Some of us have had to move, others are working jobs they would have laughed out just six months ago and some are getting in on the system. Even I’ve considered going down to get food stamps.

Time For Food Stamps?

When it comes to health care, it’s something that I can’t afford to be without. It’s also something that I can’t afford to pay for each month as an independent journalist.

Seeing these people go ape shit over a health care plan that wants to treat everyone fair and equal further proves that:

1 – People love to yell and scream

2 – We are a selfish country

3 – Senior Citizens think the government is out to kill them

4 – Most Americans have no idea what the reform really entails

To debunk these myths and fears, the white house launched I suggest you check it out.

Perhaps if Prez Obama created another 30 minute long commercial that aired on all channels explaining his plan, Americans will get it. I suggest he enlists the creators of School House Rock to direct the spot. I envision little pills and syringes dancing on an examination table singing along about the virtues of a better health care system. Don’t act like you wouldn’t watch. How many of us today only know what a bill is because of this:

I’m telling you, animation and a cute song will win everyone over.

- CH

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Yeah, I'd like to know that, as well. I have no idea why all the people working at are mad, as well. It's baffling to me, and hopefully someone can provide me the answer I am looking for.