Heath Ledger Directs Music Video For Australian Rapper

AllHipHop Staff

Heath Ledger may be gone, but the posthumous Oscar winner’s work behind the camera is being showcased in a music video from Australian rapper N'fa Forster-Jones.

The Associated Press reports the entertainer, who had been childhood friends with Ledger, posted the 3-minute, 31-second clip for his song "Cause an Effect" on his YouTube and MySpace pages on Thursday (Oct. 29).

According to Forster-Jones, the actor’s involvement came after a phone conversation they had shortly before his unexpected death in January 2008.

"He gave me a call one morning, as he often did at crazy hours, and he's like, 'N'fa, I've got this idea for a video,'" the rapper said in a clip which detailed how the video came about.

The filming of the “Cause an Effect” video was not a lengthy process as Forster-Jones noted the video was shot in one day in the garage of Ledger's beachside apartment. The clip debuted earlier this month at a collection of works from the actor at the Rome Film Festival.

"He was basically running around directing me in each shot. It was a really cool day,” said the rapper of Ledger, who after dying of a prescription drug overdose won a best supporting actor Oscar for his work as the Joker in the summer 2008 blockbuster The Dark Knight. "Every day I count my blessings that I got to have him direct this piece of art."

Prior to his death, Ledger shot a handful of videos for artists he liked.

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