Heavy D Finishing 8th Album, Working With Sean John

Veteran rapper

Heavy D is putting the final touches on

his 8th album, Hev. According to Heavy, the album unfinished album features

Faith Evans, Loon and P.Diddy, while Heavy is locking down other guest appearances.

The album will feature production by The Trackmasters, Tony Dofat, P.Diddy and

Heavy D. himself.

"I'm excited

about everything that's going on. My album will reflect where I am in my life

and I'm in a real good place," Heavy told AllHipHop.com. Heavy also stated

that he has been in the studio producing a track one of hip-hop's biggest stars.

I'm also in the studio producing a track for Jay-z, for new album."

Outside of his

recording career, Hev was recently tapped by P.Diddy to head the Big & Tall

division of Diddy's white hot clothing label, Sean John. In addition to this,

Heavy has a recurring role on Fox's TV series, "Boston Republic."

"Life is good,"

an optimistic Heavy concluded.