Hell Rell Announces Release Date For New Album

Dipset rapper Hell Rell has announced an official release date for his debut album For The Hell Of It, which will hit stores on September 11.

"The reason why I named it For The Hell Of It is because I got the money, I didn’t do it for the money and I’m not doing it for the fame," Hell Rell told AllHipHop.com in a previous interview. "I’m just doing it for the hell of it. Whatever Hell Rell felt that day, that’s what, came out. If I was arguing with one of my b***hes or whatever whatever, and I was mad that’s the type of mood I was in."

The first single from the The Diplomat member is "I Shall Proceed," which is currently being serviced to radio stations across the country.

"Dipset is back. We back at it like a crack addict," Hell Rell said. "'I Shall Proceed' will get it started."

Video director Dale "Rage" Resteghini, who directed "We Fly High" for fellow Dipset member Jim Jones, is in the initial stages of shooting the video for "I Shall Proceed."

Hell Rell was a featured actor in Cam'ron's movie Killa Season and has gained a following by releasing and appearing on a number of Diplomat albums and mixtapes.

"My next album, I’mma sit down and come up with concepts and get deep into my brain and give you a piece of my life story," Hell Rell said. "This one is straight for the hell of it."