Hell Rell Next In Dip-Set Movement

Although Jim Jones

once said the Dip Set makes powerful music, he probably would have been more accurate

in saying his Uptown team was a powerful movement.

And the next in

line to carry out the vision is Hell Rell, whose debut For the Hell of It,

is scheduled to be release this summer on Diplomat/Koch Records.

“The street

buzz is crazy,” the Bronx native told AllHipHop.com about his upcoming

album. “And I haven’t [even] put out that much music since I came


Rell, of course,

is referring to the two-year stint he did in Clinton Correctional Facility for

selling drugs to an undercover cop in early 2002.

But instead of

reveling in his raucous ways, the twenty-five-year old turned to music and,

more specifically, the Dip Set Capo Jim Jones to help him realize his calling

as a rapper.

“We was traveling

through the same circles in The Bronx and Jim didn’t know I could rap,”

said Rell. “Once they got the deal, he snatched me up and I started running

around with Killa [Cam’ron] and we did the Diplomats album, but in the

process I had to turn myself in.”

Now free from his

legal entanglements, Rell is set to deliver a DVD and book, along with his album,

all of which chronicle his time behind bars in an effort to persuade teens to

avoid making the same mistakes he made.


just creating a visual to the audio,” he said of his documentary. “I’m

putting you in situations where you could be placed in life and death scenarios

that I’m talking about on my album. Not only will a black dude from my

neighborhood [feel it], but a white boy from Sunset Boulevard could relate to

it, ‘Cause it’s dealing with life situations.”

In addition to

his trilogy of treats, Rell recently started the “Stay Out Program”

in hopes of mimicking the methods of stay out of prison programs such as “Scared


The rapper’s

ventures may seem ambitious to some, but ultimately Rell said he’s keeping

in line with The Diplomats previous forays into the streets.


not like the people are seeing us,” he explained. “We don’t

get heavy TV and radio play, the love we get is from us grinding and interacting

with the fans.

“You gotta

become a people person,” Rell continued. “We keep it so ‘hood

with them the love is felt in the music. It’s real love.”

Hell Rell’s

For the Hell of It is tentatively slated to hit shelves this August.

The album will feature B.G., Mya, Styles P, as well as appearances from The