HHSN Calls For Trent Lott's Resignation From Senate

The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network is calling

upon Pres. Bush to ask for Senator Trent Lott's resignation from the U.S. Senate.

Lott made racist comments at a birthday party

for 100 year-old Strom Thurmond. Thurmond was the oldest serving Senator in

the U.S. government history when he retired last week. Lott declared that he

was proud his state (Mississippi) had voted for the Thurmond ticket during the

1948 elections, declaring "If the rest of the country had followed our

lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over the years either."

"For Bush not to call for Trent Lott's resignation

is a terrible insult to black people's intelligence," HHSN Founder Russell

Simmons told AllHipHop.com.

Lott apologized Thursday and President Bush said

the apology was welcomed. "Any suggestion that the segregated past was

acceptable or positive is offensive and it is wrong," Bush declared.

Lott has a history of being racist. Over four

decades ago, Lott helped prevent his college fraternity from admitting blacks

to any of it's chapters.

Chapters of the Sigma Nu's were considering the

admission of African-American's into the chapters, when Lott was president of

the intra-fraternity council at the University Of Mississippi. Lott was one

of the most outspoken leaders, opposed to the integration of the fraternity's

and sororities.

"Yes, you could say I favored segregation

then," Lott told Time magazine in 1997. "The main thing was, I felt

the federal government had no business sending in troops to tell the state what

to do."

"The civil rights movement was one of America's

finest hours," civil rights leader Jesse Jackson stated. "Strom Thurmond's

massive resistance to that movement, and his support in states like Mississippi,

was one of one of history's low points. Trent Lott must not be allowed to tarnish

that truth."

In 1981, when Lott was a congressman in Mississippi,

he wrote "Racial discrimination does not always violate public policy."

That was writting in a brief that unsuccessfully urged the U.S. Supreme Court

to stop the IRS from taking away the Bob Jones University's tax exemption status.

"Strom Thurmond ran for President in 1948

as a staunch segregationist, and for Trent Lott in 2002 to express support for

a presidential candidate at that time running on a policy based on bigotry and

hatred is an insult to human dignity. We in the Hip-Hop community are opposed

to all forms of racial segregation."

The claim that Republicans represent black people

and poor people is not valid if Bush will not call for his resignation,"

Simmons added. "This proves that he is insensitive to the on going racism

that still exists in the Republican party."

Meanwhile, the United States Air Force will honor

Thurmond by naming its 100th C-17 airlifter after the Senate's only centenarian.