Hi Tek Speaks On Violence In Cincinnati


in Cincinnati, Ohio have declared a state of emergency as

a result of violence in response to the shooting death Timothy

Thomas, a 19 year old un armed African-American male.

"I appear

before you this morning with a very heavy and sad heart,"

Cincinnati Mayor Charles Luken told a news conference, "because

despite the best efforts of people of good will in our city,

violence on our streets is uncontrolled and it runs rampant."

City officials have also met with the Ohio National Guard

to determine whether they need their assistance.

The state of

emergency was declared after a police officer was shot.

According to published reports, the police officer's belt

buckle took the bullet and the officer is in stable condition.

Police were

chasing Thomas in an attempt to arrest him for failing to

appear in court for various misdemeanors and traffic violations.

Officer Steven Roach's union claims that the officer feared

for his life.

Speaking exclusively

to allhiphop.com, Cincinnati native Hi-Tek

said "All I can say is that it's long over due. Not

promoting violence, but we got everybody's attention. WHAT!!

This is the only city(Cincinnati) that allows the KKK to

put up a cross every year right downtown. The people are