Hillary Clinton Will Beat You Down

AllHipHop Staff

I’ve watched the video of Hillary Clinton spazzing out on that poor Congolese college student at least 10 times and each time it gets me hype. She was in the Congo to speak on behalf of women’s rights specifically the epidemic of Congolese women and girls being raped and used as weapons of war. During a stop on her tour, she took questions at a town hall-style meeting on Monday.

One male student made the mistake of asking the Secretary of State: “Mrs. Clinton, we’ve all heard about the Chinese contracts in [The Congo]... What does Mr. Clinton think through the mouth of Mrs. Clinton…Thank you very much."

For a split second I could see the sista in her, I think there’s even a visible neck roll and if you look closely I’ve been told you can see her lips mouth “B***h, please!”

Her reaction is priceless.

Once she took her headphones out I knew it was a wrap!

Later, Congolese officials tried to say that the student meant to ask about President Obama and not Bill Clinton. If that’s true, that’s what I call a Freudian slip.

The world may love Prez Obama, but they are still very emotionally attached to Big Bill. His show stealing release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling from North Korea further cemented his legacy. Sure, the White House says they didn’t send him (yeah right), stating he acted on a personal mission. However, let’s not overlook the fact that North Korea requested Bill Clinton knowing that his presence would garner them a world stage. The man’s been out of office for nearly a decade and is still in hot demand.

All of this makes Hillary one pissed off woman. She had to put the muzzle on him during her presidential campaign because he was coming out of pocket and stealing her shine. Now, she is the Secretary of the State and is still being asked questions about her husband.

Hillary should have jumped into the audience and beat the crap out that college kid.

“Don’t you know who the eff I am? I’m Hillary Mutha-effing Clinton. I run this show. Bill is my b***h. Now, ask your question again.”

Behind the matronly headbands, knee length skirts and pearls she uncomfortably wore during her time as First Lady, I always knew that Hillary Clinton was a spitfire. I would have paid anything to see the smack down she delivered to Bill after his cigar antics were revealed with Monica Lewinsky. You can’t tell me she didn’t hit him with a one-two combo.

During her run for President, a major complaint from voters was that she wasn’t likeable. She wasn’t soft and pink. Sure she was a bit of an ice queen but that’s OK. After seeing her snap on ol’boy, I like her even more now.

If she was to become our President we’d need the Hillary that was about to break some necks in the Congo to prove to the world that she deserved to be in the White House and needed to be taken seriously.

Hillary Clinton is strong, damn it! She’s a beast.

I’m so in awe of angry Hillary that I think she deserves her own theme song.

Just change “Papa” to “Hilly” and “Man” to “Woman”.

- CH

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