Hip-Hop Activist Rosa Clemente Joins Presidential Race

Hip-Hop activist, journalist, and community organizer Rosa Clemente has announced intentions to run for vice president of the United States with Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney.

The announcement comes as the Democrat and Republican parties finalize their conventions and jockey for position in the upcoming November election.

“I am honored and excited to accept this invitation to run with Cynthia McKinney,” Clemente explained to AllHipHop.com. “She is a hero to me and many others across this country and around the world for her courage in standing up to George Bush while the Democratic Party establishment caved.”

Clemente, a New York Westchester County native, was a co-founder of the National Hip-Hop Political Convention in 2003.

The initial meeting drew over 3,000 activists.

Now in 2008, she feels Hip-Hop culture is primed to make an impact in this year’s presidential campaign beyond the standard issues being discussed by the two main parties.

“This campaign is the opportunity the Hip-Hop generation has been working for,” she stated. “This is our time to address the issues affecting our communities: rising unemployment, the high cost of food and housing, a lack of quality public education and access to higher education, the prison-industrial complex, and unaccountable corporate media. These issues are not being addressed by either the Republican or Democratic nominee.”

When asked if the run was simply for media exposure, since the likely winner will be Barack Obama or John McCain, Clemente is adamant that the campaign is simply focused on repairing societal ills.

“I choose to do this, not for me, but for my generation, my community, and my daughter,” Clemente stated firmly. “I don’t see the Green Party as an alternative; I see it as an imperative. I trust that my Vice Presidential run will inspire all people, but especially young people of color, to recognize that we have more than two choices. Together, we can build the future we’ve been wanting.”

M1 of Dead Prez, who previously has stated he didn’t believe in the voting system, has reconsidered now that Clemente has joined the presidential race.

“I’ve never voted in the Presidential election; I’ve never felt strongly enough about a candidate to,” M1 revealed. “Knowing that Rosa Clemente is down with Cynthia McKinney’s run, I feel that now is the greatest opportunity for the Hip-Hop community to put our collective strength and power to the test and vote for someone who represents who we are and what we stand for.”

For more information, visit www.rosaclemente.com and www.runcynthiarun.com