Hip-Hop Album Questions September 11, War On Terror

Hard Knock Records

has released What About US?, a critical response by various hip-hop artists

and activists in regard to the 2001 September 11 attacks and the current "war

on terror."

The album features

appearances by Zion I, Blackalicious, Hobo Junction, Cool Nuts featuring Bosko,

Davey D., Michael Franti and Spearhead, Abstract Tribe Unique, The Frontline,

Raashan, Non Prophets, Rico Pabon and others.

"The concept

behind the creation of the album is in the title What About US?,"

Executive Producer Nick Huff said. "The media portrays the hip-hop generation

as apathetic and materialistic but never supports artist that have something

to say about what is going on in their communities."

Huff said that

the hip-hop community is critical of the wars in the Middle East because the

majority of the consequences of the war will effect poor people across the country.

"The Billions

of dollars, possibly Trillions before it's all over, that are being spent on

the defense budgets are not coming from taxes to the rich or from corporations

because they are getting their taxes cut to 'Stimulate the Economy'. The bulk

of that money is coming from programs that actually need the money the most

like public education, after school programs, childcare for low income families,

Medicare. These programs which our communities need the most are the ones taking

the biggest cuts because we don't have lobbyist to speak for US. Is this what

president Bush meant when he promised to leave no child behind?"

A portion of the

proceeds from What About US? will be donated to the Underground Railroad

radio show and KPFA apprenticeship program.

What About US?

is in stores now.