Hip-Hop Artists Fight Homelessness In NYC

On Friday, January 25 several artists from the Hip-Hop and spoken word community will come together at the Bronx Museum of the Arts as a show of support for New York City's homeless.

The event, which is entitled Hip-Hop Meets Spoken Word 3 will feature a number of performances, but will also serve as a fundraiser and coat drive for the homeless.

Instead of paying an entrance fee attendee's are asked to bring non-perishable food items, lightly worn clothing, or a monetary donation. Performers for the evening will include Grandmaster Caz, Immortal Technique, Hasan Salaam, Poison Pen, Devin the Poet, and about 15 other performers.

"The small things add up. A lot of people think they can't do anything because, 'I'm not really rich, I can't donate', but a lot of times it's not about money," Poison Pen told AllHipHop.com. "It's just about being there, showing that you care about a certain situation."

In 2007, according to the NYC Department of Homeless Services there was an estimated 3,755 individuals living unsheltered in New York's five boroughs.

"I've been without a home for a year and change. I wasn't like the homeless dude sleeping on a park bench or in a shelter. I was sleeping on peoples couches and just staying wherever I could. It's ridiculous out here," Poison Pen said. "New York city is one of the only places I know where somebody can make $40,000 a year and still need a roommate just to survive because the cost of living is driving us out."

Hip-Hop Meets Spoken Word 3 will take place at the Bronx Museum from 6-10 p.m. and for more information visit www.bronxmuseum.org.