Hip-Hop Caucus Set To Register 50K Voters In One Day

With the most important presidential election in decades looming, the bi-partisan Hip-Hop Caucus is teaming with Radio One for the “Respect My Vote" Campaign, aimed at registering over 50,000 voters on September 30.

The ambitious one day voter registration drive will be held in 15 big market cities throughout the country, including Atlanta, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

Radio One will utilize 52 stations across the nation to broadcast live from a central location in each city, allowing registrars to set up eligible voters.

Radio One Corporate Director of Marketing Barry Macon explained his company is obligated to spearhead this movement due to their years of community activism.

“Radio One has been committed for more than 25 years to the community and nothing is more important than being able to exercise your right to vote,” Macon said. “Voting is the most fundamental of all of our rights as American citizens.”

Partnered in the event is Hip-Hop Caucus CEO Reverend Lennox Yearwood, co-creator of the memorable 2004 “Vote or Die Campaign” with Sean “Diddy” Combs.

While this year’s initiative would like to draw voters from all backgrounds, Yearwood disclosed that their focus is on non-college educated African-Americans ages 18-29, who historically have not played a significant part in past elections.

“We are committed to building awareness to the 'Respect My Vote' Campaign,” Yearwood stated. “Our partnership with Radio One will help push the importance of registering to vote in this year’s presidential election to the more than 8 million unregistered African-American eligible to vote nationwide.”

The voter registration drives will commence on September 30 in selected cities from 6 AM to 9 PM.

For more information visit www.radio-one.com or www.hiphopcaucus.com.