Hip-Hop Con-Man Who Fooled L.A. Times Facing Supermax For Posing As Roc Nation Agent In Huge Scam

The man who fooled the L.A. Times into publishing a fake article on Tupac Shakur could be heading to Supermax lockup.

(AllHipHop News) A man who helped torpedo one of the L.A. Times’ biggest stories is back behind bars, for running another scam.

Jimmy Sabatino's Jr was busted by the Feds earlier this month, for scamming Miami area jewelry stores out of almost $1 million worth of pricey goods.

Jimmy Sabatino posed as an executive for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and promised the local businesses that their merchandise would be featured in top hip-hop videos.

Instead, Jimmy Sabatino Jr and his Gambino Family associates simply sold the jewelry to local pawn shops.

He is so savvy as a con-man, that he ran his latest scam from his jail cell, while he awaits trial on previous fraud charges.

In March of 2008, Jimmy Sabatino's name became well-known in hip-hop circles thanks to an article published in the L.A. Times.

The article, titled "An Attack on Tupac Shakur Launched a Hip-Hop War," referenced court submitted FBI documents.

Sabatino claimed that he was in early associate of Sean “Diddy” Combs and that he and Biggie had prior information that Tupac Shakur was going to be shot at Quad Studios on November 30, 1994.

The only problem is, the documents were completely fake since Sabatino managed to slip fake look-alikes into the federal court system.

The Smoking Gun eventually found that the 302's journalist Chuck Philips relied on for his L.A. Times were forged and the L.A. Times was forced to issue a retraction, and they eventually fired Philips.

James Rosemond, who is currently serving a life sentence for drug dealing, also settled a libel lawsuit with the paper for $250,000.

Jimmy Sabatino is facing serious time for his latest scam.

He’s currently 20 years for racketeering and if he is found guilty, he will be serving his time at the Supermax in Florence, Colorado.