Hip-Hop Entourages - Outta Control?

As impressive as it may be to keep your circle of friends close by you when you become a 'celebrity', it is also foolish if they are ignorant and from the block. It is commendable that most rappers, athletes and actors bring their 'friends' along for the ride, but it is also stupid to allow their behavior to affect potential income. We have been reading and/or watching reports in the media about 'so and so', who is connected to 'what's his face,' being involved in some type of criminal activity or a random act of ignorance or stupidity. This doesn't cause the actual culprits to be publicly shamed like the 'celebrity' they hang with.

In actuality, no one seems to care who they are – the people only care who the culprits are connected with. It is totally unfair and it sickens me to read a story about somebody who happened to live next door to the rapper in the projects. The burden of making a non-story a story blinds the minds and eyes of the media reporting such incidents. So if I have a platinum CD in stores and I am starring in two movies, keeping my nose clean, it all goes down the drain if my boy who sat next to me in junior high school, who has his own life, just happens to be seen with me at a party, if he happens to smack his girlfriend in the mouth, it's linked back to me simply because we are friends. Mind you, I am nowhere near him when he commits such an act, but the media HAS to mention my name in the headline based on my association with him. Now how ignorant is that?

But on the other hand, these 'artists' know which of their friends are the knuckleheads, yet allow them to ruin whatever they've worked for, all in the name of 'keeping it real' with their peoples, not realizing or even if they do recognize, not caring that in the end, it hurts their profit margin in the long run! Instead of looking out for their boy, the fools simply don't care because they know their 'mans and them' will get them out of any trouble they cause. All in the name of not looking bad in front of their 'peoples' despite the fact that they lose money because of the ignorance of their 'boys' and only when it's to late, are they willing to make a change to stay a money maker.

Or how about these fools that keep the rowdy factors around them to help legitimize their claim to being gangsta? Or the ever-present muscle that let people know that they have a crew that can't be fucked with. As I have already stated, ignorance rules the minds of these 'celebrities' to the point where you anticipate stupid shit happening! I just hope that whatever artists that are coming up or are currently out, have enough sense to allow their boys to come along for the ride, but also have enough control to let them know that the ride will be short if they act up. Entourages- Who really needs them when they take away from the very reason you make money!