Hip-Hop Experts Take 'Rap Sessions' On The Road


author and Hip-Hop activist Bakari Kitwana has collaborated with the Community

Technology Foundation of California to kick-off Rap Sessions, the first national

tour that explores race and Hip-Hop.

Rap Sessions presents a multiracial panel of Hip-Hop experts who will tour the

nation to engage youth and community leaders in candid, compelling conversations

about the Hip-Hop cultural movement and the emerging racial politics of our


“What the nation witnessed in the 2004 presidential election relative to

youth was only the beginning,” Kitwana said. “This is a generation

of young people that is deeply concerned about the future of the nation and

wants to get involved. These community dialogues are designed to give young

people a forum and to help them find ways to expand the Hip-Hop movement beyond

the traditional confines race.”

The tour is geared toward targeting the Hip-Hop generation, young Americans

who have lived their entire lives in post- segregation era, and engaging them

in discussions around the new paradigm of race relations and social justice

as expressed through Hip-Hop arts.

The groundbreaking tour will conduct interactive community dialogues in ten

cities across the nation.

Panelists include

authors: Hip-Hop journalist and ethnic studies professor Oliver Wang, (Classic

Material: The Hip-Hop Album Guide); Tufts University sociology professor Raquel

Z. Rivera (New York Rican From the Hip-Hop Zone); Spoken-word poet and novelist

Adam Mansbach (Angry Black White Boy); and award-winning Hip-Hop photographer

Ernie Paniccioli (Who Shot Ya?: Three Decades of Hip-Hop Photography).

The 10-city tour starts March 8, 2006 in Buffalo, NY. For more information about

Rap Sessions, log onto: www.rapsessions.org.