Hip-Hop Exploited Again?


Eisner, former

partner of David Geffen who cashed out on the sale of Geffen Records

for millions and son of Disney CEO Michael Eisner, recently sold

his spec script ``Of God and Country Club'' to Columbia Pictures

for over $1 million.

Eisner wrote the film under a pseudonym,

fearing his past as an executive would taint his chances of being

taken seriously. The reaction to the script was enthusiastic.

The script centers around a tough

rapper who loves to play golf and seeks admission to Hampton's

Country Club. When the rapper's agents try to what he does for

a living (rap) and his serious side (business) separate, "comedic

mayhem" ensues.

This happened to Master P, who

tried to join an exclusive, mostly white country club, only to

be turned down for membership, even though he is worth as much,

if not more than any of the other members.

Using film as a medium to endorse

or promote such stereotypes shouldn't be tolerated. The fact that

this script sold for such a high price shows the bankability of

Hip-Hop, but also shows the side of Hollywood that is interested

in making light of and profiting off of serious issues.


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