'Hip-Hop Files' Author Martha Cooper Takes Exhibit To The UK

Martha Cooper, who

has photographed the beginnings of the New York graffiti scene, will return to

London to host a free seven-day exhibit showing off hundreds of photos’s

of Graffiti art.

Cooper will also

be promoting her new book, “Hip Hop Files.” The book includes the

work of graffiti artists and B-Boys, including contributions from members of

the legendary Rocksteady Crew and others.

Cooper was known

for following various performers and artists around the city and captured countless

amounts of unique moments.

She established

herself by collaborating with Henry Chalfont and released “Subway Diaries”

in 1984. Ten years later, Cooper published “RIP: Memorial Wall Art.”

“Hip Hop

Files” includes images dated between 1979 –1984. The exhibition

features over 240 color and black and white photographs collected, in addition

to other photographers own images.

The introduction

to the book is written by the legendary by ZEPHYR and includes essays by Charlie

Ahearn, Patti Astor, Pop Master Fabel and other participants of the early New

York Hip-Hop scene.

Insightful quotes

and statements by over 70 Hip Hop icons accompany the shots in the book including

Lee, Fab 5 Freddy, Dez aka DJ Kay Slay, Grandmaster Caz, Bobbito, Dondi, Duro,

Blade, See, Lady Pink, Futura 2000 and others.

“Martha is

so awesome to have documented our movement and our culture,” Futura 2000

said of Cooper’s work. “Her contribution to the expansion and influence

of the urban art form becoming a global phenomenon cannot be understated. Martha

Cooper was an (embedded) photographer with the troops on the frontlines.”

The exhibition

will be held at Kingly Court, Oxford Circus, London between noon and 5pm, all

this week. “Hip Hop Files” goes on sale in September in three different

languages: English, German and French.

“Like a New

York City subway ride back to the early 1980’s,” Fab 5 Freddy said.

“This is Hip Hop culture at its all time best. A monumental photographic

achievement for the world.”