Hip-Hop & Gaming Collide At Rockstar Tourney

In the video game world, much like the Hip-Hop world, competition is everything.

With that in mind, Rockstar Games (GTA: Vice City, The Warriors) hosted a rapper-friendly tournament earlier this month to promote the company's latest title, Table Tennis.

Hip-Hop gaming addicts like Hot 97's DJ Enuff, Sirius' Lord Sear, among others, competed at an exclusive Manhattan lounge for bragging rights.

"The graphics are crazy; I can actually see the characters sweating," Enuff told AllHipHop.com excitedly."

Though most in attendance said they don't normally lay table tennis, all of them agreed the game impressed.

"I don't really play ping-pong, but this game lets you learn the basics while adding your own moves," explained producer Chops, who recently won the Mixtape of the Year Award at the 2006 Southern Entertainment Awards.

As the night wore on and the tournament ensued, complete with hilarious commentary courtesy of Lord Sear, the competition became fierce.

Power 105's DJ Spinbad, who was touted by several people as the "best player" of the night, battled Joe Underwood (All City Distribution)

for the championship.

Spinbad also shared his thoughts on Power 105's latest acquisition, DJ Clue, who left Hot 97 recently.

"It's beautiful. Looks like me and him are gonna be working together so it's good," said Spin, who finished second to Underwood.

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis for Xbox 360 will be available nationwide May 23, 2006.