Hip-Hop Historian Kevin Powell Preps Book On Presidential Elections, 9/11, Katrina Disaster


writer and Hip-Hop historian Kevin Powell is set to release his seventh book,

Someday We’ll All Be Free, a collection of three essaysinspired

by 9/11, the 2004 presidential election and Hurricane Katrina.The

three essays, inspired by Powell’s personal visits to New Orleans, Baton

Rouge and Houston during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, are a collection

of interviews from survivors of the 2005 disaster, the 9/11 terrorist attacks,

and his own personal reflections of the 2004 Presidentialelection."This

is the hardest book I've ever written," Powell said. “But I felt compelled

to write because we have to document this episode in the Americanjourney honestly,

with the hope and determination that it will never happen again."Someday

We’ll All Be Free which is titled after the 1973 Donny Hathaway song,

is heralded as Powell’s more distinguished work to date.During

the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Powell staged two major New York City benefits

in the span of three months to raise money for large truckshipments of food

and aid that were sent to the devastated region.He

also co-created “Katrina on the Ground”, a program which sent over 700

young people, mostly college students, to the area as an alternative Spring Break

trip in March.Someday

We'll All Be Free hits stores Aug. 29.