Hip-Hop Karoake Takes Off

A trendsetting event

has been taking place in New York the first Friday of every month – Hip-Hop


This month’s event takes place at Manhattan’s Rothko,

free to the public. “We wanted to have a Hip-Hop show that you got to

perform at; the whole set-up with a real DJ, a real stage, a venue, the whole

thing. It’s not like a sushi bar,” DJ Wex, one of the event founders,

told AllHipHop.com.

Unlike most karaoke settings, this event features over 210 available

Rap songs.

According to other founder, J.New, “The first and foremost

thing was that our song-list was amenable to Hip-Hop heads. That’s not

to say that someone who doesn’t know Hip-Hop can’t come down. All

of us have a love and appreciation for the culture. This is no way diluting

the culture, it’s adding to it. We’re not looking to make a joke

out of it.”

According to its founders, “They Reminisce over You”

has been the most popular song over the two years.

Artists such as Heltah Skeltah’s Ruck, producer/rapper

Diamond, and Sadat X have been previously attended the event.

J.New, DJ Wex, and Diggety founded this monthly event in 2004,

and it has since been expanded to events in London, Amsterdam, and Iceland.

For more information,

visit www.hiphopkaraokenyc.com