Hip-Hop Mayor Cops Plea; Sentenced To Jail

Ending months of legal wrangling, controversial politician Kwame Kilpatrick stepped down as mayor of Detroit yesterday (September 4) after pleading guilty to two counts of obstruction of justice.

The plea ends Kilpatrick’s fight to retain his political seat despite a highly publicized sex scandal with his chief of staff Christine Beatty, which resulted in over 10 counts of perjury charges and misappropriation of city funds.

Under the agreement, Kilpatrick will serve two four month concurrent jail sentences and pay the city of Detroit $1 million over a five year period.

Also, Kilpatrick, 38, will be barred from running for political office over his five year probation period, lose his law license, and forfeit his pension.

Following sentencing on October 28, Kilpatrick will immediately begin serving his prison term.

Once affectionately dubbed Detroit’s first “Hip-Hop Mayor” due to his flashy appearance, youth, and lavish spending, the guilty plea ends Kilpatrick’s run as Detroit’s youngest mayor.

Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm suspended a hearing earlier this week to complete Kilpatrick’s removal from office.

“Today this sad but historic story is coming to an end. It’s very important for us as a state and as a city to turn this page together,” Granholm told the Associated Press. “There is much word to do. It is my profound hope that we can now write a new history of this great but embattled city and that citizens of Detroit can begin the healing process to move forward.”

Upon completion of Kwame Kilpatrick’s resignation, his seat will be assumed by Kenneth Cockrel, Jr.