Hip-Hop Needs Another Death!

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“Am I wrong for wishing somebody would get killed? I mean, it just doesn’t seem like Hip-Hop gets it until somebody gets killed.”


 August 10, 2009, posted in rumors

“It ain't Hip-Hop til some one gets killed? Thanks. That has to be the most reckless, insensitive statement I have heard against our culture in a long time and I've heard a lot from conservatives, republicans, bible thumpers, etc.

Epic failure, illseed.”


 Temple of HipHopStop the Violence MovementAugust 10, 2009, sent via email.

How cool would it be if Joe Budden or Raekwon were to get killed over some nonsense!

Man, it would be good for everybody. They will sell more records. The fans have something to talk about. More internet traffic for AllHipHop. DJ’s get to do obligatory mixtapes. And, finally everybody gets to look back with the clarity of 20/20 vision like, “That was the dumbest, most avoidable rap beef ever.”Can you hear the sarcasm dripping from your computer?

Remember, this all started from a LIST from a magazine, who had an opinion about some rappers in the game.

All of that lead to THIS, beef, gangs, violence and online s**t talk. I just find it amazing that Hip-Hop has now adopted such a petty way of operating. We really shouldn’t be here…we should be celebrating.

Think about it, Slaughterhouse represents exactly what Hip-Hop should be. Four rappers banning together in a drought to create one of the best groups Hip-Hop has seen in a long time. And when I say groups, I don’t mean this loose collection of signed artists. I’m talking about the crew that sleeps in the studio, is cool and rides for each other. They have a self-titled album out on August 11 (deemed Slaugust 11) and Joe Budden also dropped a digital EP as well, EscapeRoute.

Then there is Raekwon and Wu Tang. What else can be said? These dudes are arguably the greatest group ever and Rae authored their greatest album. Raekwon has the sequel (Only Built For Cuban Linx II) out soon that we all hope takes us to a place where Hip-Hop was about the feeling and the music.

The music!

Back to my opening statements about death…

Karmaquarius is an apparent member of the “Stop The Violence Movement,” an anti-violence group that was founded about 20 years ago by KRS-One. I never heard a peep from said individual until my “reckless, insensitive statement.”

For those that know me and how I operate, they got it. They got it, because they are wise people that know that I speak tongue-in-cheek from time to time and they have been reading my work for years.

Here is the point for the two people that didn’t get it.

Hip-Hop generally sits idly by and waits for something to happen, before the outrage occurs. The outrage only really happens after somebody gets shot, stabbed or killed. For the most part, it really takes something way over the top for people to respond. Hence, Karmaquarius’s apparent knee-jerk reaction to a seemingly brazen comment that was sarcastically written.

The fact remains a punch in the eye can result in death or increased violence, even for a guy like Joe Budden. Joe has close friends that are very “affiliated,” and reports quickly came in that a disaster was averted at and after the Rock The Bells concert. Clearly an older soul, Joe Budden challenged Raekwon to a “fair one” or “square dance,” as he put it. One on one. The “Stop The Violence” people are very necessary in these times. The beef simmers but I am sure can anything can break out at any given moment, at any given venue.

Ever notice how small the world is getting?

Rae and Joe…on the same tour. They are within a Twitter “tweet” of talking bad about each other. Joe can send a video message and never converse with Rae, but they are in touch nevertheless. These guys are talking to fans and fans are talking to them. Fans are picking sides. Beef is no longer “over there…”

This conflicts are right here in our faces, on our computers in every medium imaginable.

I don’t want anybody to die. I want Hip-Hop to live. I want Hip-Hop to see, before tragedy. I want people such as Karmaquarius and all the “Stop The Violence” movements around the nation to react to a slow-moving, but eventually epic tragedy in our future. These days, the reactionary way is pointless. You have to be damn-near psychic and know something is about to happen and do what you can to avert it.

PS: For the record, I don't think a "fair one" is such a bad idea, in theory. 

For your entertainment:

Stop The Violence!

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