Hip-Hop Photographer's Collection Up For Sale For $ 1 Mil

Legendary photographer/photojournalist Ernie Paniccioli is selling his vast collection of Hip-Hop images, AllHipHop.com has learned.

Paniccioli, who authored the best-selling book Who Shot Ya: Three Decades Of Hip-Hop Photography, is known throughout the world as one of the world’s top Hip-Hop photographers.

His massive collection features over 250,000 images of various rappers, B-Boys, graffiti artists and DJ’s, as well as thousands of rare and unreleased photos Pannicoli has taken over the past 34 years.

Paniccioli is seeking $1 million dollars in cash, which he says will be more than worth the investment, due to the volume, exclusivity and rarity of his collection.

"‘The Ernie Paniccioli Archive’ aka ‘EPA’ is a multi-faceted, multi-decade, look at the five elements of Hip-Hop over a 34 year span of time,” Ernie Paniccioli told AllHipHop.com. “These award winning photos have been exhibited in books, museums and gallery shows around the world.”

Paniccioli’s life and photography collection was the subject of the Award-winning documentary The Other Side of Hip-Hop.

Rappers like Queen Latifah, Eminem, N.W.A., Tupac, Common, KRS-One, Big Pun, Run-DMC, Nas, EPMD, Redman, Gangstarr, Afrika Bambaataa and others are just a few artists included in the massive collection.

“This collection has been praised by the pioneers and legends of Hip-Hop as the first legitimate visual overview of Hip-Hop Culture,” said Paniccioli said.