Hip-Hop Rumor: Cam'ron And Chris Brown Clown Kanye West's Mini Skirt!

AllHipHop Staff

Did you all catch Yeezy rocking a black leather skirt on the Hurricane Sandy Relief concert the other night? Now, Kanye has been rocking skirts on tour for a few years, so this is nothing new, but most of America has never seen him rocking the feminine frock, until the nationally televised relief concert. The skirt set Twitter ablaze, and even though Kanye thinks the skirts are "fashion forward" - most of America just doesn't agree.


Outspoken rapper Cam'ron went in on Yeezy's choice of wardrobe, and even threatened to block anyone who didn't agree with him. Check out his tweet below slamming Yeezy's outfit:

Cam'ron tweet

Cam wasn't the only one to voice his dislike for the outfit. Chris Brown also commented on Yeezy's fashion choice. Blogger Nicole Bitchie posted a photo of Yeezy, Diddy, and actor Vin Diesel all in skirts. Chris Brown was not feeling the look and clowned all three, even suggesting that "n*ggas gonna be wearing heels next!" Check out the photo along with Chris' comment below:

Necole Bitchie Instagram
Chris Brown Comments

Oh man, Breezy took it there. Do you think the skirt look on men will catch on? GOD help us if it does! Hide your sons!!!

Side note - Yeezy's skirt has a Twitter now!