Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: Did Frank Ocean Diss His Fans?

AllHipHop Staff

Not every Frank Ocean fan is singing his praises right now. An exclusive source tells us that Ocean's no show at one of his performances in Detroit has left a ton of his fans with a bad taste in their mouths. Ocean never issued an apology or stated a reason as to why he didn't show up at the concert, which was scheduled for August 1st at Saint Andrews Hall - but according to his disgruntled fans, "he found time to post a video of the Harlem shake to his tumblr." Check out a portion of the letter we got below:

"Low and behold, three days later, he was belting out his songs in front of the crowd at Lollapalooza, still without a reference to his missed show on Wednesday. Today, Saint Andrews Hall told me that the show was no longer postponed, but "completely cancelled."

Frank Ocean

"We got a refund, but that's not what we wanted. We wanted to see Frank Ocean."

"Ocean obviously felt that he would rather be healthy for Lollapalooza than a concert on his own -- a curious decision, considering his show in Detroit was part of HIS tour, where fans of HIM bought tickets to. Lollapalooza is a collection of music fans who can see many different acts."

The source feels like Ocean disrespected Detroit and demands an apology and for Ocean to reschedule the show. Was Frank wrong for blowing off the show without an issued statement revealing the reason, or is this fan just off his rocker?