Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: Did Gucci Mane Fire His Manager, Coach K?

AllHipHop Staff

Gucci Mane has been a man on fire ever since he began promoting his new mixtape, Trap God, which contains several disses towards his arch nemesis, Young Jeezy. The free mixtape was just released today - you can download it here. According to a rock solid AllHipHop source, Gucci Mane has parted ways with his manager of two years, Coach K.


Coach K is one of the top managers in the business, and at one time, even managed Young Jeezy for a number of years. Although we don't know the exact root of the parting, our sources say that it may have to something to do with Gucci dissing Jeezy again.

Sidenote: We hear Gucci also flaked on Funk Master Flex. Gucci was supposed to be a guest on his show this week, but dismissed the DJ - refusing to answer his calls or text messages. I wonder what happened? How long before Funk Flex goes on a Gucci Twitter rant?

Funkmaster Flex

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