Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: Joe Budden & Tahiry Have Explosive Confrontation On Camera!

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The third season of "Love & Hip Hop: NY" has begun filming, and two new castmates are already stealing the show. New Jersey rapper Joe Budden and his ex-girlfriend, video model Tahiry, are being called the new Stevie J and Joseline because of their volatile relationship. The two had a messy breakup a few years back and have remained enemies ever since, cursing each other out on Twitter and in interviews every chance they get. Well, now the two get a chance to berate each other on national television. And I, for one, can not wait!

Joe Budden and Tahiry

Joe Budden had a show at B.B. Kings in NYC earlier this week, and an exclusive source tells us that Joe and Tahiry came face to face backstage. We hear that the two got into a screaming match of epic proportions, which ended in Tahiry storming out of the room. On her way out, Tahiry bumped into two of her "friends," who she began screaming at and calling them "traitors." I guess Tahiry was annoyed that the girls were there to watch Joe Budden's show, when they were supposed to be her friends. Sorry to tell you, Tahiry, but it looks like Joe won those friends in the breakup.

Consequence and Jen

The new season of "Love & Hip-Hop: NY" will air on VH1 on Monday, January 7 at 8PM. In addition to Joe Budden and Tahiry, this season’s cast includes Consequence, Mena, Olivia, and her manager, Rich Dollaz, Jim Jones’ former manager Yandy Smith, her boyfriend Mendeecees Harris, Raqi Thunda, Jen “The Pen” Bayer, Winter Ramos, and Rashidah Ali.

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