Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Weighs In On Breezy Vs. Drizzy Fight - Picks A Winner

Another celebrity has spoken out about the Chris Brown vs. Drake bottle fight, and this time, we have it on tape, so they can't take it back a la Lil' Kim. 50 Cent added his two cents into the conversation, and went as far as choosing who he think would come out on top if Breezy and Drizzy got into a fight.

Chris Brown and Drake

"I'd take Chris, because of all of the physical movement and dancing that he does. He just be slipping and moving and Wham, and I don't see Drake doing that."

 "Chris be having his shirt off, he has one of those MMA fighter looks," said 50 Cent. "Like he might have done karate as a kid." "He might put him [Drake] in an arm bomb, break it on the floor."

During the interview with KMEL Radio, 50 also shares his thoughts about the Pacquiao-Bradley fight being fixed, and how he lost money on a bet for Pacquiao. Check out the full interview below:


50 Cent's fifth studio album, 5: Murder By Numbers, comes out on the Fourth of July.