Hip-Hop Rumors: A Tale of Two “Crew Loves” – The Drake Vs The Roc

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(Opinion) I can’t take it no more. I type “crew love” in google and guess what I find? The Weeknd and Drake. No surprises here, right? Well, I have an issue with this because these fools have basically erased the original “Crew Love.” “Crew Love” is originally a gangster *ss song by Jay Z Ft. Beanie Siegel & Memphis Bleek. The song goes hard body and Jay is actually only on the hook. I want everybody to stop listened to Drake’s crew love and listen to Beanie and Bleek! This is why people are so soft these days. Listen to “Crew Love!”

The Roc’s “Crew Love”

The Drake’s “Crew Love”

Just look at the pic!