Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Diddy And Cassie Going Public With Their Relationship?

Diddy and Cassie have the most non-secret, "secret relationship" ever. The two have been creeping for a very long time, and it looks like they may finally be ready to share their love affair with the world. Check out what Diddy tweeted below:

Diddy Tweet

Could this be another case of Diddy sub-tweeting and leaving it up to the reader to figure out who he's talking about? Well, Diddy did not want you to guess wrong, so he followed up his tweet with a re-tweet of Cassie, who posted a photo of the two, along with the caption, "whisked off my feet...Cannes 2012." Check out the re-tweet and photo below:

Diddy tweet
Diddy and Cassie

Diddy needs to stop playing and make Cassie his "official girl" already!