Hip-Hop Rumors: Are The Lox Really Considering Re-Signing With Diddy?!

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The LOX will finally be releasing a new album, and according to the good people over at MTV News, (Shout out Rahman Dukes and Rob Markman), Swizz Beatz and DJ Khaled will be executive producing their new LP. Check out what Sheek Louch said about the upcoming album below:

"The last meeting I had was with Swizz and Khaled and they're executive producing this new LOX album. [This meeting] was the one that grabbed us and we're gonna give y'all some real, real big records."


That's amazing news for all you LOX fans out there who haven't had a LOX album in over 12 years! It looks like Swizz is already putting his connections to good use, and has gotten the LOX in the studio with the Mrs. - Alicia Keys.

"I was just in the studio the other night with us and Alicia Keys working on the Lox project and get ready y'all," Sheek revealed. "I'm sorry for the delay and the wait, but this joint is gonna be monstrous, man."

Sheek was up at the MTV office along with Ghostface Killah playing a few tracks from their upcoming WU Block album...more on that later.

Okay, so what's with this re-signing to Diddy business in the headline? Well, Sheek revealed that the LOX took meetings with lots of record label execs, including Lil' Wayne and Diddy.

Diddy and Lil' Wayne

"Lil Wayne tried to sign us, Puff tried to re-sign us and paint that picture over, we done been in mother---ers' living rooms and talkin' business," he said.

I am shocked that after everything the LOX went through with Diddy in the past that they would even take a meeting with him. Were they seriously reconsidering signing with Diddy again? Or, do you think they just wanted to see him grovel?


So, while Khaled and Swizz Beatz are executive producing the album, the LOX still don't have a label home. Which label do you think the album will be released on?

Check out the interview with Sheek below:

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