Hip-Hop Rumors: Azealia Banks No Longer Wants To Be Associated With The 'Rap Game'

Harlem rapper Azealia Banks is making headlines in social media once again. After beefing with T.I., Iggy Azalea, and Lil' Kim on Twitter, Banks has deleted her Twitter page and does not want to be associated with the "rap game" anymore.

News broke yesterday that she was had split ways with Troy Carter, Lady Gaga's manager, to instead allegedly be managed by her rumored boyfriend, 40-something manager, Dave Holmes.

Well, it looks like Azealia Banks couldn't take the heat in the kitchen and deleted her Twitter page citing it as making her "too accessible." She explained her reasoning on her tumblr. page. Check out what she wrote below:


“No longer wishing to be a rapper,” she wrote. “i never was…. and as soon as i started paying attention to bullshit urban media, i started getting myself in trouble. From now on i’m a vocalist, and will not be associating myself with the ‘rap game’… or whatever the fuck that means… no more twitter for me… it makes me entirely too accessible.”

So will Banks vamoose herself from rapping?

“I’m still going to rap,” said Banks. “i just don’t want the label and all the other crap that comes with the ‘rap game’… it’s boring. rather be a dance artist.. lol.”

Azealia Banks' new mixtape, Fantasea, will be out on July 4.