Hip-Hop Rumors: Azealia Banks Really Is The Mad Rapper! Goes At T.I. AGAIN

AllHipHop Staff

It seems like the only time we hear anything about Azealia Banks...is when she's beefing with somebody on Twitter. It started with Iggy Azalea, then T.I., then she tried to entrap Nicki Minaj last week, and earlier this week, she had a tweef with Jim Jones - damn girl! (Yes, I said tweef!) Old Jimmy even called her a "2-bit shore."

This is starting to get old really fast.


Banks has gone full circle and is back to ish talking about T.I. This time she reserved her "mad rapper" like rant for VIBE magazine. Check out what she said below:

"It's like, "Listen, T.I., if I was a f*cking boy you wouldn't say anything to me." But when I'm a girl and I say something back, the media wants to turn it into all these different things. Rappers beef all the time. I said what I said about [Iggy Azalea] and kept it moving. Then a month later you said what you said. And it keeps coming up. Leave it alone. I didn't say she couldn't rap. I said something very real. Out of everything, she had to [call herself] "a runaway slave master"? C'mon, that's not swag. That's not fly sh*t."


There may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Banks does recognize that she looks like a total fool - "E-thugging" as she put it.

"Of course, because it's e-thugging... Who wants to look like that? But how else am I gonna reach y'all? I don't have a T.I. to get on a radio show and defend me; I'm the one behind me. Y'all expect me to agree like, "Oh yea, I'm wack. I only have one song." That's one song y'all n*ggas don't f*cking have. You might win some, but you just lost one."

She sure does thinks highly of herself, doesn't she?