Hip-Hop Rumors: Blasphemy?! Game Gets Christened By White Jesus!

AllHipHop Staff

Game is becoming a pro at publicity stunts, excuse me, I mean artistic expression. The rapper has been on his publicity game for his new album, Jesus Piece, which was just released earlier this week on Tuesday. Case in point, earlier this week Game used his instagram to create a game where he told his followers his location. The first fan to get there in 15 minutes got to meet him and also received a signed copy of the album. Now that's social marketing at its best!

Now game is taking the marketing for Jesus Piece up another level with the introduction of a white Jesus at his recent show at the House of Blues in L.A. Game began his show with someone dressed as a white Jesus who came onstage holding a Jesus piece chain in the air. Game then follows him onstage dressed in a black "Roley" hoodie (that's his new record label). The Jesus character then comes over to game and christens Game, placing the Jesus piece chain around his neck

Check out the video below:

What do you think about the video? Is Game crossing the line with his latest stunt?